Course Objective: To offer students an application that  conveys various course contents in electrical engineering such as electronics, electromagnetics, signals and systems, antennas, etc. This application consists of an wireless data transmission.
Students are expected to implement each part weekly. At the end of the semester, the entire application is expected to be completed. The relevant theory will be given each week in the lectures. Therefore, the lecture attendance is very important.
Course Content: (weekly based)
1-) Telecommunication theory, Fourier analysis,
2-) Digital carrier modulation, Demodulation,
2-) BJT characteristics, Power amplifiers.
4-) Circuit analysis, Matching theory, Transformers, Transformer matching.
5-) Antennas, Antenna theory, Dipole antenna analysis.
6-) Receivers, BJT small signal amplifiers, FET small signal amplifiers.
7-) Midterm.
8-) Microcontrollers, Assembly language.
9-) Microcontrollers, Assembly for serial data communication.
10-) Digital Electronics, Transistor logic, Diode logic
11-) DC motors, Relays, Transistor switches.
12-) Batteries, Regulators.
13-) RF circuit design considerations.
Textbook: Antenna Theory Analysis and Design by C.A. Balanis.
Assesment: 50% Lab Reports, 50% Final Exam.